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alana fairchild's soul guidance sacred mentoring

Stacia Zadra, RMT - Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™ Practitioner

Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ is a powerful spiritual healing modality that has been channeled by Alana Fairchild. After year long, in-depth course, Stacia is licensed by Alana to provide these sessions and workshops. These unique sessions use a combination of oracle cards, meditations, and guided introspection, creating a sacred space for meaningful healing.

Alana's teachings complement Stacia's 20 plus years of experience as a Healer and Teacher. Stacia's intuitive presence makes her role as Mentor unique and effective bringing comfort to her clients.

Stacia Zadra is the founder of Compass Rose A Holistic Healing Center, Inc. Stacia's Reiki training is extensive and ongoing. She began her Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher training in 2000. Her intuitive healer path led Stacia to Angelic Reiki training in 2014. Stacia gained her Angelic Reiki Master Teacher certification in August of 2014 from Colleen Tucker of the Angelic Reiki Association in Glastonbury, England.

Stacia continues to teach Reiki, Angelic Reiki training to everyday people leading every day lives in search of traditional, hands-on Reiki skills and renewed life purpose. Stacia enjoys mentoring professional health care providers whose interest is in combining energy therapies with their allopathic training. Stacia's students are in search of personal and spiritual meaning, and a way to share their gifts with the world.

Stacia is both a student of life and a teacher. Her journey as an Intuitive Healer is one that includes personal healing and Self discovery. Stacia became a student of Caroline Myss at CMED in 2004 where she began the two year Sacred Contract series. Stacia remains a student of CMED and recently completed a Masters class.

Stacia's relationship with her teacher and mentor, Caroline Myss, continued with Master Class: On The Path To Becoming a Congruent Human Being, June of 2010, Medical Intuition: An Exploration into the Science of the Soul in June of 2011 and Addiction: Explored as an Archetypal Journey Toward Personal Empowerment, August, 2011.

With a professional background including management consulting and public speaking, teaching Sacred Contracts became a natural transition from profession to vocation. Her classroom provides a supportive environment to allow her students to begin their own journey towards conscious living and personal empowerment.

As a Reiki Master Healer, Stacia works in tandem with Sandi Fornwalt providing Synergistic Reiki. Additionally, she provides Intuitive Emotional Release therapies, Sacred Oils therapy, individualized essential oil blends, and private Sacred Contracts counseling.

Her connection to her clients is both intuitive and empathic, allowing her to tap into the emotions and physical symptoms present for healing. Stacia finds joy in affecting the lives of her students and her clients every day.

Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring™ sessions are intended to be personal, loving and Spirit-driven and created for your Soul's growth. You are welcome to call our office to discuss your specific needs. A private conversation with Stacia can be scheduled to determine an appropriate SGSM™ venue for you. Stacia can be reached at her Compass Rose office at 509-926-9803.